Research Interest

Rich Internet Applications

I have also been drawn towards RIA. I had even done my summer internship in RIA and developed a Twitter application using Adobe Flex.

Later during my work at Samsung Research India I have had various opportunities to work on Android apps that are deeply integrated to the the Internet and social networks.

Natural Language Processing

One of my first projects at Samsung was developing an idea project. It was a system we(me and four other engineers) developed which would take speech commands and the command shall be processed into speech(using a Speech to Text library) and then the text shall be parsed in a fuzzy way to interpret commands and work on various objects aspects of phone or PDA.

Data Science

During my college I took a data warehousing course and we were given an assignment where we had to estimate how much data does hour city's various government utility systems process each month. Even though it was just an assignment and we were to produce a reasonable estimate, it was astonishing to see the amount of data flowing throw those systems and that city was a tier 3 cities in terms of population. I started to think about how these data can be managed, stored and then accessed in a better way.

Image Manipulation

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Amarendra Kumar — Engineer